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Law firm in Thailand, Thailand lawyer provides Thailand company registration services with include non-b visa, Thailand work permit, Thailand visa, corporate bank account and virtual office address.

Our English speaking lawyers and years of experience dealing with the expat community can assist you in the formation of your company whatever your requirements, assuring swift completion in as little as three weeks.

Business In Thailand

Thailand Company Registration

Thailand Work Permit

Non-b Visa

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Thailand Visa Services

Let Thailand lawyer help you to apply your one year visa in Thailand. Whether it is a Thailand retirement visa, Thailand marriage visa, Thailand business visa or Thailand dependent visa, Thailand lawyer can assist with all aspects of immigration to Thailand.

Thailand Visa Services

Thailand Retirement Visa

Thailand Marriage Visa

Thailand Business Visa

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​Thailand Legal Services

Law firm in Thailand, Thailand lawyer offers Thailand legal services to our international clients. Law firm in Thailand, Thailand lawyer have a team of good English speaking lawyers who are particularly specialized in Business law, Real Estate Law, Family Law ( Thailand marriage, Thailand prenuptial agreement and Divorce in Thailand), Thailand Labour Law, Intellectual Property (trademark & patent), Contract, Thailand Will and Criminal Defense.

Law firm in Thailand operate both in providing litigation and consulting services. Please contact Thailand lawyer for a free consultation.

Thailand Legal Services

Will in Thailand

Marriage in Thailand

Prenuptial Agreement in Thailand

Divorce in Thailand

Thailand Private Investigation Services

Law firm in Thailand, Thailand lawyer now provides a full surveillance service, including Telephone check, Mobile phone check, Marital status check, background checks and detailed information gathering!

During his 15 year career as a police officer our chief of investigations gained a wealth of experience in all aspects of security and internal investigations. Thus, our reputation for fast, efficient, discrete and thorough private investigations is second to none. With all of our services being offered at competitive prices.

Thailand Private Investigation Services

Surveillance Someone

Spousal Surveillance

Background Check & Criminal Record Check

Locate People in Thailand

Asset Search

​Buying Real Estate In Thailand

​Buying Real Estate In Thailand

You have to have a competent Thailand lawyer to handle your property transactions - it can prevent you from troubles now, and in the future.

Land Purchasing in Thailand

Foreigners can not own land in their own name in Thailand. Foreigners, by consulting with a Thai lawyer, can form a company which can own land and property. The company issues shares, of which the foreigner owns 49% - and the foreigner is designated as the Director of the company.

Condo Purchasing in Thailand

The only restrictions on purchasing a condominium are that the percentage of units sold to foreigners cannot exceed forty nine percent (49%) of the total number of units in the condominium block; and that the funds used to buy the condominium have been remitted from abroad and correctly recorded as such by a Thai Bank on a Tor Tor Sam. Law firm in Thailand, Thailand lawyer

Our Legal services for property

​Oversea Visa Services

Oversea Visa Services

Law firm in Thailand, Thailand lawyer can serve you the best with our professional operation on any detailed process. Law firm in Thailand, Thailand lawyer are an expert in USA Visa (Visitor/K1- Fiance /K3-Spouses), UK Visa (Visitor/ Fiance/Spouses) Schenken Visa (EU Visa for the sole visit), AUS Visa (Visitor/Marriage-Fiance/Marriage-Spouses), NZ Visa (Visitor/Marriage-Fiance/Marriage-Spouses).