Thailand 1 Year Visa Overview

Thailand 1 Year Visa Overview

thailand one year visa
Thailand is one of the best places all over the world where you can spend one year of your life.

Yes, you can already apply for Thailand 1 year visa because there are so many agencies and institutions nowadays that will provide you with assistance.

Example of this is Tila Legal. This is an institution which will not just assist you in getting 1 year visa in Thailand but also give you information that you need to remember.

Retirement Visa in Thailand

Thailand retirement visa

For people who are planning to know how to apply 1 year visa in Thailand especially retirement visa, you must be at the age of 50 years old and above.

Moreover, you must be holding Thai Non-Immigrant Visa for you to easily qualify with this visa.

In addition to that, you must have a current Thai account which has 800,000 THB or enjoying a pension of about 65,000 THB.

Once you have secured the documents needed, you will be assisted by companies like Tila Legal in order to completely apply for this loan.

There are different fees that you need to secure which will be provided by the agency that will handle your application.

Marriage Visa in Thailand

thai marriage visa

Thailand lawyers will also help you to obtain for Marriage visa. There are so many rules that you need to follow as well as standards that should be put in mind.

First is that you have to be married to a Thai citizen.

Moreover, there must be Thai bank account which has 400,000 THB deposited in it.

In addition to that, there must be a Thai income which is about 40,000 THB in one month.

If you are qualified with these standards, you can now apply for non-immigrant visa.

You will be assisted by companies like Tila Legal in order to do the right actions needed. You will receive the visa for about less than a week.

Business Visa in Thailand

Non-immigrant visa Thailand

Aside from those visas, you can also apply for business visa.

This is perfect for people from the other parts of the world who are planning to establish their business in this country.

There are some requirements that you need to know as well as the stipulations required so that you will be able to successfully apply for this one.

The Thailand lawyers will surely provide you with assistance in obtaining this visa.

Dependent Visa in Thailand

You can also apply for Thailand 1 year visa specifically the so-called dependent visa.

If you are planning to apply for this kind of visa, there are also some requirements that you need to secure so that you as well as processes that you have to undergo.

Regardless of the specific Thailand 1 year visa that you will be applying for, Tila Legal will surely help you a lot. This will provide you with the assistance and processing needs so that you can spend your time in the most exotic and successful country on earth, Thailand.

Tila Legal can be contacted easily by means of visiting its site on the internet.

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