Background Check & Criminal Records Check

Background Check & Criminal Records Check

Thai Investigator

Today's times are very much different from that of long ago. People need assurance when it comes to dealing with others. It seems that the world is beset by liars and deceitful individuals. It is always necessary to take precautions, and with this, a Thai detective will be of much help to you.

At TILA Legal, you can be sure that the Thailand private detective can provide you with the needed information. A very common issue today is that of marrying a Thai lady. It is a fact that marriages in Thailand are long-lasting and happy. However, there are instances when the Thai fiancee takes advantage of her soon-to-be husband's fortune.

Before getting married, the Thailand detective can conduct a background check on the Thai lady. It is possible to obtain information as to the lady's registered address, her parents and contact details, and whether she has an ex-husband or kids. In marriage, you need to invest money at some point. If you want to save your future, it is vital that you hire the best private investigator.

A background check Thailand is what you need to guarantee future happiness. TILA Legal has well-schooled Thailand investigators who can help you with your specific needs. You'll get assurance and have peace of mind that your fiancee is a true person. With our experienced team of investigators, you can obtain hard facts that you can use in making important life decisions.

Most of today's detective agencies offer a wide range of services including surveillance, background investigation, missing person, fraud investigation, mystery shopper, marriage verification, and loyalty check. The loyalty check is highly in demand and is the most controversial of all. Clients want to determine if their fiancee are unfaithful or cheaters. We at TILA Legal can provide you with reliable services. We can provide you with facts quickly.

We can refer you to many satisfied clients to prove that our investigation team is trustworthy. Your Thailand private detective will handle all information related to your case confidentially. Our services are not focused on loyalty checks. We also offer background checks for those who want to hire gardeners, handyman, or perhaps a nanny.

It is not enough that you rely on your instincts. You need hard facts in order to make decisions with confidence. The Thailand private detective can put together pieces of information to come up with the real picture. You can count on TILA Legal's experience in dealing with counterfeiting, trademark infringements, physical security, commercial management, and parallel trading.

A Thai detective is all you need to do the difficult tasks. Although you can find lots of free background checks services online, it will not provide you with a accurate and real time information. It is not true that Thailand investigators are costly. In fact, TILA Legal offers the best services at reasonable costs.

What are you waiting for?

Make use of the background check Thailand today and ensure your future's safety. A Thailand private detective is what you need to sleep soundly at night and have peace of mind.

For our personal background check services in Thailand we will require just only name or Thai ID card number of the person you need to check.

After we got the name or Thai ID card number then we could provide information as follow:

Home address
Date of birth
Family details
Marital status
Previous marriages (if any)
Ex-husband name and details (if any)
Marriage details (if any)
Divorce details (if any)
Children details (if any)
Criminal warrant if any)
Criminal record (if any)
Registered telephone number (if any)

Our professional fees for personal background check in Thailand is 30,000THB

Personal background check in Thailand will take approx 3 days.

Our firm has extensive experience in background check and has been help clients all types of private investigation services for more than 7 years. So if you wish to check someone in Thailand, we can help you and ensure that you will get all information you need in as little as 3 days.

Our services you may need Phone check, Mobile phone checking

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