26 January 2023
For the past several decades, Thailand was known for its rich agricultural heritage. However, the present scenario rates Thailand on the top rank for sweeping industrialization. Several local and foreign investors these days are making efforts to open a new businesses to lead the trends in Thailand. These fastest-growing businesses are boosting economic stability in the country and this is the main reason why the Thai government has set up some favorable regulations to support new businesses.  If you are also planning to do company registration Thailand, you may need to know a few essential rules and regulations first. Well, the article below may guide you better on how to start a new business as a beginner in Thailand. Make a Careful Selection of Type of Incorporation Thai laws can help (more...)
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11 January 2023
When you have decided to run a new business in Thailand, there are so many aspects that you need to keep in mind. First, you need to understand local rules and regulations to lead your business idea in Thailand. The great news is that the Thai government has developed many convenient and easy-to-follow guidelines to help foreign investors run their companies. However, after completing the company registration Thailand process, you may have to look for many other requirements to lead the process.  Experts state that site selection is one of the most challenging tasks for foreigners while running a business in Thailand. Note that site selection requires you to apply both qualitative and analytical techniques so that you can pick the most favorable location for business. It may require you (more...)
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28 December 2022
Thailand is situated in the Southeast Asian region with diverse populations and living conditions. This country has never experienced any foreign rule and people here enjoy a strong sense of independence in their identity. At present, Thailand is recognized as the second largest economy among all countries in Southeast Asia. The Thai economy is highly dependent on the tourism industry as thousands of tourists prefer to visit this country on regular basis.  If you are interested to invest in a business in a foreign country, it is good to start with Thailand. The great news is that the Thai government offers an incredible range of services to foreign investors with favorable regulations to start a new business. However, those who are interested to know more about why it is good to start a (more...)
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15 December 2022
If you are planning to set up a business in Thailand as a foreign investor, establishing a private limited company can be the best idea. However, before starting the formalities, you should understand the essential requirements and steps to start a private limited company.  Those who are new to the concept of a private limited company are advised to spare some time to read the article below.  Step 1: Register a unique company name While registering your company, you may need to make sure that the name of the organization is unique. As per Singapore government regulations, you cannot use any pre-existing registered name for your company. Also, the government has restricted using some specific names as well such as “Investment” but they allow using “Capital” in the name. Also, the company (more...)
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30 November 2022
The Thai government offers plenty of useful incentives to foreign investors to lead productive advancements in the business industry. They are always looking for well-educated, experienced, and financially viable entrepreneurs to support economies.  As a foreign investor, if you are also interested to find new growth opportunities in Thailand, it is good to start with an offshore company formation. There are plenty of options to continue with your investment. The article below may help you better with the selection of the best offshore company in Thailand.  Thai limited company Thai limited company is better recognized as a separate legal entity and it can be registered by following guidelines from the Thai Ministry of Commerce. These businesses have their own entity that is separate from (more...)
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