Non-Immigrant Business Visa

Non-Immigrant Business Visa

Non-immigrant visa Thailand

How to obtain for a Thai non-immigrant business visa?

A Non-immigrant visa Thailand is required to apply for a Thai work permit or any type of 1 year Thai visa, marriage, retirement etc.

It can be acquired in your home country prior to your arrival in Thailand or obtained through us at Tilalegal once you are here.

Our company can send the necessary documents to obtain a Non-immigrant visa Thailand direct to your country by DHL, TNT or FEDEX.

Application in your home country is often simplest with applications often returned the same day when applying in person at the royal Thai embassy or consulate.

If you are wishing to apply at a Thai consulate in a neighboring country namely Singapore or Hong Kong please be aware that a 3 month single entry visa will usually be issued and this will need to be extended at the immigration department in Thailand.

If you wish to apply for a Thai non immigrant visa whether in your home country or not we can provide you with all documentation and letter of invitation and assist you with the application if necessary.

The benefits of Thailand Non-immigrant Business Visa are:

Thailand Non-immigrant Business Visa

- Unlimited entries to Thailand
- A full 90 days on each entry
- May apply for a Thailand Work Permit with a Thai company
- Ability to explore business opportunities and/or investments
- Can open a Thai Bank account

Thailand Non-immigrant Business Visa Procedure:

1. You provide the passport details of the applicant.
2. You transfer the professional fees by wire transfer, western union or via PayPal.
3. Sponsorship documents are prepared and couriered directly to you or to the appropriate Thai consulate or embassy.
4. You will apply for the visa, with the supporting sponsor documents, directly at the consulate or Thai embassy OR courier your application if allowed (depends on location).
5. The Thai embassy or consulate will issue you the one year multiple entry non-immigrant B visa.
6. You are now welcome to enter Thailand.

Please be aware that a One Year Thai Visa is valid for a period of 12 months. Each entry is valid for 90 days. After each 90 entry you are required to leave the country via any border checkpoint to secure another 90 day entry stamp. This is simply a stamp, no visits to a Thai consulate and no fees are required. A short bus trip to Cambodia is the easiest route, BUT any border checkpoint will be fine.

If you require this service please complete the following and press submit we usually can have documents posted the same day.

Where 1 Year Non-B Visas Are Issued at the Thai Embassy or Thai consulate with just only our sponsorship documents;


  • USA: Florida, Boston, New York, Alabama, Washington, D.C.
  • AUS: Melbourne, South Brisbane
  • Ireland: Dublin
  • Canada: Toronto
  • Denmark: Hvide Sande
  • Germany: Stuttgart

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