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Mobile Phone Check & Phone Check

Thai Investigator

If you want to know the true personality of a person the best thing to do is hire an investigator. Background and criminal check is important especially when looking for a job. Even simple jobs require background check to ensure the safety of the employer as well as the applicant. Fortunately, Thailand investigator can help you in checking the personality of an individual prior of hiring him or her. There are other services being offered that will suit your needs.

Thai investigator, TILALEGAL offers telephone check and mobile phone check. This is necessary especially for people who are receiving threats and other negative words through phone. The investigator will help you in determining whether the telephone number is a registered number in Thailand or not. Likewise, in case that that it is not registered Thailand investigator can rule out the cell-site used in making phone call.

In addition, Thai investigator also offers background check even for personal issues. If you are planning to marry your girlfriend, but you are having doubt as to her personal background, then you can hire the services of a Thai investigator. In this way you will ensure that you are marrying a person who has true and reliable personality. In the same manner, they also offer services to couple who have marital problem particularly infidelity. This is the easiest way to determine if your partner is cheating you.

Moreover, if you employing an individual but little bit doubtful about the personality you can hire Thailand investigator to conduct criminal check. This will give you peace of mind ensuring your safety as well as your family. The good thing about hiring them is that their professional agents are experts in different specialization and are experienced in checking facts as well as interpreting information.

Additionally, they also accept bank statement checking as well as flight details checking. On the other hand, when hiring Thai investigator you should know how they conduct investigations. Usually, professional investigators are using the latest surveillance technology as well as investigation equipment. Likewise, they also use more standard methods of document research and recovery. If it is your first time to hire Thai investigator you should ask the types of investigation cases they handle.

Other cases they investigate include insurance embezzlement and fraud, missing person, domestic surveillance investigation, fugitive apprehension and asset search. Most companies are seeking the services of Thai investigators particularly for employment verification. Nevertheless, whatever your reason of hiring investigator make sure that you are paying the right person who can do the investigation professionally and can give you best result.

When you hire Thailand investigator you can ensure that they will provide you accurate and reliable information. Likewise, they ensure that all the information gathered will remain confidential and only the client will know it. If you are interested, all you have to do is give your personal information as well as your contact number in the form that you can find in their website and you can expect immediate response within 24 hours.

For our phone check, telephone check or mobile phone check services in Thailand we will require just only the phone number or name or Thai ID card number of the person you need to check.

After we got the number or name or Thai ID card number then we could provide information as follow:

  • Full Name, Registered phone number or Mobile phone number, whatever you want!
  • Registered Home address

Our professional fees for pphone check, telephone check or mobile phone check in Thailand is 32,100THB (7% vat included)

Phone check, telephone check or mobile phone check in Thailand will take approx 3 days.

Our services you may need Background check, Marital Status check

Our firm has extensive experience in phone check, telephone check and mobile phone check and has been help clients all types of private investigation services for more than 7 years. So if you wish to check someone in Thailand, we can help you and ensure that you will get all information you need in as little as 3 days.

Please feel free to contact us for a free consultation with our English-speaking lawyers. Give us a call or complete the form below and press submit, we guarantee to respond within 24 hours.


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