Latest Tech-Business Ideas for Foreign Investors in Thailand

Submitted by tilaadmin on Fri, 02/10/2023 - 10:58

It has been more than a year since we are following typical social distancing measures to cope with the coronavirus pandemic. Millions of people have lost their jobs during this phase and many others are struggling hard to find new career opportunities. Businesses around the world are making efforts to settle for the new normal and the employees are adapting to the work-from-home trends. 

The covid-19 pandemic has brought several business sectors and industries to their knees. In this scenario, the new investors and entrepreneurs need to make a careful decision about what to propose to the already shaking market. Society is facing the huge impact of pandemic-related lockdown and it is hard to find business opportunities that could work as a savior. But if you start with adequate market analysis, it is possible to grab many potential business ideas in the post-pandemic world.

Those who are planning to do company registration Thailand are advised to leverage the benefits of the latest technologies to set up a new business in the country. Even if you are a foreign investor, you may find great scope to grow in Thailand due to the supportive and welcoming nature of the local government. 

Here we have listed a few tech-business ideas that can help you grow in the competitive Thai business industry post-pandemic:

1.    Digital marketing
While staying at home due to extended lockdown measures, people these days are getting more reliant on e-information. Digital marketing is now turning into the lifeline of businesses as it can help them enjoy greater returns on investment in the long run. The demands for SEO experts, CRM professionals, digital brand managers, and email marketing specialists are rising high. As a foreign investor, you can start offering digital marketing services to local businesses in Thailand and grow with them. 

2.    Cyber-security services
As companies are shifting to remote work routines, they are in higher need of secure networks, protected employee operations, and management of confidential data online. The security threats to organizations are increasing with each passing day; therefore, the demands for high-quality cyber security services are rising high. You can set up a business to offer cyber security services and target clients from reputed fields such as financing, retail, education, healthcare, business, and government organizations as well. 

3.    Cloud computing
When we talk about remote working culture, organizations these days are looking for reliable models to help their employees work remotely. They are interested to bring most of the technology infrastructure and applications to the cloud from where all employees can access them with ease. Therefore, cloud computing services are required in almost every industry to ensure a seamless transition from traditional work routines to virtual operations. If you are skilled in this area or can find an efficient workforce to serve clients, this can be a great business idea in Thailand. 

You can consider using any of these options to set up your new business in Thailand and it will soon help you generate profitable returns while receiving great support from local governance. 

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