23 August 2023
Over the last few years, we have observed rapid changes in the way we shop, eat, communicate, and live. But there is no doubt to say that the fashion industry is revolutionizing with time to keep up with the lifestyle changes.  Although coronavirus crises have made it difficult for most organizations to survive, it has also created a trigger for the fashion industry to self-reflect its values. At the same time, the modern age buyers are more aware of saving the planet and they are interested to invest only in those products that do not pose any harm to the environment. Therefore, foreign investors in Thailand are looking for new opportunities to lead the fashion industry in Thailand.  The new group of the modern age and independent designers around the world are now proposing new fashion (more...)
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10 August 2023
Setting up a dental business in Thailand may appear an overwhelming idea, but it can bring you several rewards in the long run. Running your own business and being your own boss is the best feeling ever for any individual. But before you proceed ahead, it is important to understand the regulations, guidelines, and basic steps to start a business in Thailand.  If you are planning to set up your own business, you must have several things in mind. Below we have listed a few necessary steps to help you start a dental practice in Thailand. This information can guide you well to begin your services in the target demographic region.  Think about the budget The cost of setting up a new dental business in Thailand is significant. In most cases, it may turn out to be somewhere around $250,000. For (more...)
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25 July 2023
As people are getting attracted towards a luxury lifestyle, the demand for heating and air conditioning (HVAC) systems is rising high all over the world. Reports reveal that the number of HVAC contractors in the United States has grown by almost 3.1% within the past five years. The scenario is not different in Thailand as well.  Homeowners these days are looking for some reliable ways to keep their living spaces comfortable; they prefer installing high-quality HVAC systems on the premises. It helps them to maintain desired temperature range in the home or office while maintaining good energy efficiency. Without any doubt, there are great growth opportunities for an HVAC business in Thailand. If you are also planning to set up a new company as a foreign investor, you should look for the (more...)
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11 July 2023
Although a vending machine business needs low capital investment, profits depend on several factors. Vending machines appear more like a flourishing and ideal business solution for lazy entrepreneurs. All that you need to do is buy a vending machine, fix it at some publically accessible place, fill it with snacks, drinks, and other food items and let the money flow. This automatic wealth generation model works really well for most people, but it is not that straightforward to implement.  Reports reveal that a vending machine business is not that costly to implement, but one needs to consider all relevant things first. Depending upon the vending machine version you wish to install, it may require you to make a capital investment of S$9000 to S$16000. And if you want to install multiple (more...)
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23 June 2023
Opening a furniture business in Thailand can definitely be a great idea for foreign investors. The local populations in the country are greatly influenced by the latest furniture designs and décor ideas. If you can bring the new trends to the local markets, it is possible to find great growth opportunities for your business. But in this entire process, you may have to work more efficiently on marketing and promotion activities.  The furniture manufacturers and retailers need to follow the latest ideas to bring their products to the common buyers. It is important to set up a solid marketing plan to spread awareness about your niche. You have to let people know why they should invest in your products instead of other competitors in the market.  The current generations are more attracted to (more...)
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