Setting Up a New Offshore Company in Thailand

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The Thai government offers plenty of useful incentives to foreign investors to lead productive advancements in the business industry. They are always looking for well-educated, experienced, and financially viable entrepreneurs to support economies. 

As a foreign investor, if you are also interested to find new growth opportunities in Thailand, it is good to start with an offshore company formation. There are plenty of options to continue with your investment. The article below may help you better with the selection of the best offshore company in Thailand. 

Thai limited company
Thai limited company is better recognized as a separate legal entity and it can be registered by following guidelines from the Thai Ministry of Commerce. These businesses have their own entity that is separate from directors and shareholders. It is necessary for the company to have an initial capital of THB 1 million. Furthermore, the company needs to have a minimum of three directors and each director is required to possess at least 1 share. As per the Thai government guidelines, the majority ownership of shares must be with Thai residents. However, the remaining 49% can be owned by a foreign investor. 

Thai Branch Office
Several multinational companies also prefer to set up their branch office in Thailand to serve a larger audience. You may also need to obtain permission from the local government to continue operations. While setting up a branch office in Thailand, you have to make an investment of 25% out of the estimated operating expenses for a three-year duration. But it should not be below 3 million Baht. Other than this, a business must be also registered for VAT and taxpayer ID-related formalities. The business activities must be as per the rules and regulations decided by the Thai government. 

No matter what type of business you want to run in Thailand, it is good to start with strategic planning regarding niche areas. Experts advise conducting an in-depth market survey to understand the ongoing needs and demands of the local populations so that you can set up your business plan accordingly. It may also require you to look for expansion options outside Thailand so that business revenue can be improved with time. Prefer to contact local agencies to understand the complete procedure for company registration Thailand. They may guide you better on how to complete essential documents for starting a new business in Thailand. Even foreign investors can start with a unique idea to serve the communities in Thailand. 

Setting up an offshore company requires very less time as the Thai government is now providing enhanced assistance to foreign investors. The local experts can even help you to save more on time and money. You can also start operating online to lead your business without any geographical boundary. It may bring more returns to the business platform in the long run. Also, be careful while making a selection for the niche area so that you can beat the competitive forces around. 

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